Neuer Titel (Englisch): Global PR in the Digital Age

Global PR in the Digital Age – A guide for practitioners and beginners

Do you need to communicate with customers, opinion leaders, influencers and the media in more than one country? Then this book was made for you. It is a guide for practitioners and beginners alike. It addresses the roles of artificial intelligence (AI), evolving markets and budget and time saving strategies for global content and KPIs. It helps you to ask the right questions when designing a global strategy and to select the appropriate tools and agencies when launching your product worldwide. Real-world examples illustrate the where, what, why of successful strategies and how to survive the everyday constraints of time and budget.

The author is a practitioner who has worked with and for many of the household brands in global tech. He shares insights from B2C and B2B brands, from the perpective of both buyer and seller. He will take you on a Sensei-Senpai express tour of global PR: from apprentice to master in just one weekend!

ISBN: 978-1-698-96779-0 ISBN: 978-1-698-96779-0

Hardcover über H-B-A edition: 19,99€

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Table of Contents
The Language Principle
The Art of Clustering
The Global Media Landscape
Global Content and Timing
Smart Listening
Measuring Success–Global KPI Management
Local Agencies, Networks and Alternatives
Global PR Procurement
Global PR Strategy and Execution
Crisis and Challenges Management
Acknowledgements and a $10,000 Challenge